11th February – #Dumbdumpers

As one can see that there is great deal of fly tipping in East Pollokshields.  On one side we have bunch of community residents who are out cleaining the strets and back gardens and there are other ignorant residents who consistently keep flytipping in the area.  It’s time for Glasgow City Council to take action against these people.  Enough is enough!!!


8th February – #DumbDumpers of East Pollokshields

From 29th January 2016 Glasgow City Council has started the Kerbside uplift every Friday morning.  Prior to this initiative, the council has sent letters to each home in East Pollokshields stating that bulk rubbish will be uplifted every Friday morning but despite this some rougue and ignorant #DumbDumpers are still dumping the rubbish throughout the week.

This is unacceptable behaviour and it must be tackled

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37 Melville St

It only takes one person to mess it all up, this garden use to be very clean but unfortunately since tenants moved in one of the flat, it became a dumping ground.  I have contacted relevant departments to clear recycling bins and also remove the rubbish from the back court.

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6th February – Community Clean up

This was a massive challenge, this is back court of 7 Leslie St which hasn’t bean cleared for over a year.  It’s such a shame that residents are being irresponsible and as a result this rubbish has been accumulated there.  This is a big garden but unfortunately it’s not any use to the residents because they did’t dispose their rubbish properly and hence it came to this state.

I commend our local neighbourhood improvement volunteers who have cleared 1/3 of the rubbish from this back court but unfortunately the remaining was Public Health issue due to the time it has been there and I have involved Glasgow City Council Public Health Department who will look in to this matter.

Two small changes – That’s all it takes

If everyone reading this email did two things…
…we would all be making small changes to how we run our homes. But as a group of individuals across Scotland our collective efforts will make a real difference.
Small change 1
Washing at 30°C when you can will reduce your washing machine’s energy usage by up to 40%.
That means savings for you, but if tens of thousands of people living in Scotland are doing the same thing, it could mean big reductions in overall energy usage and emissions.
Read more about washing at 30 degrees


Small change 2 
Turning down your thermostat at home by just 1°C can cut down your energy bills by about £90 a year.
If you do it at the same time as everyone else reading this email, it could also save hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions.