Govanhill February Community Clean-up 

We had Govanhill Community clean-up.  It was wet and very cold day but it cold and wet weather weather didn’t stop our dedicated volunteers.  

Today we decided to walk through the streets and report flytipping rather than picking up the litter.  Some group members did both, they picked litter and also reported bulk items using My Glasgow App.
Thank you everyone for coming along. It has been a great day.


Glendale Primary School 

We have noticed that local businesses have been dumping food and general waste next to the school ground.  Not only that they were dumping rubbish but also moved their waste bins next to school ground which is evident from the photos below:


I woulg like to take this opportunity to thank Glasgow City Council Environmental Task Force and Public Health for acting quickly.  They didn’t only removed the rubbish but also instructed the businesses to move their bins from beside the school ground and place them next to their businesses.  


As you can see that there are no bins and no rubbish beside the school ground. 

Shawlands Community Clean-up 

We organised first ever Shawlands Community Clean-up in collaboration with Shawlands Academy.  Due to bad weather there were only 2 volunteers and they have done grand job.

Big thanks to PTC Chair Derrick for joining us.

On community member said “well done , I have never seen this street clean like this”