Report Flytipping in 30 seconds with MyGlasgow App

9 Steps to Report Flytipping

Step 1. Click on MyGlasgow Icon to load the MyGlasgow 

Step 2. Tap on Map Pickers to Select the location of Flytipping 


Step 3. Tap on the exact location and Click on Done


Step 4. Tap on Next and Tap on Camera Icon to take the photo of Item dumped, Tap on “Take photo with cmaera”   

Step 5. Take the photo, in this example, I am taking photo of a mattress.  Tap on the white button and take the photo, Tap on Use this and Tap on Next.


Step 6. Select the location where is it?

Step 7. Select the correct option, is it in the street/Pavement or Open Space or in a lane etc etc.


Step 8. You will also need to select What is it? Is it a black bag, Fridge/Freezer, Other Electrical Item, Household Furniture etc etc


Step 9. Finallay CClick on Submit to submit your report.   It will take less than 30 seconds to report.


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