Feedback from the community

“Having just moved to Pollokshields, and purchased a property to settle in for the foreseeable future I was interested to find out what the community council get up to. From my initial engagement with them I have been very impressed by their selfless dedication to improving the area and addressing the concerns of residents. They clearly believe in action, not just words. The area has improved much since when I first became familiar with it many years ago and clearly continues upon this track. Like many areas of Glasgow, Pollokshields suffers from environmental issues; traffic, littering and minor fly-tipping of for instance old furniture. I have been reassured by how committed the community council are to improving this and over the time I’m sure their already considerable success with tackling these matters will continue. As such the benefits for all residents and local businesses will make their efforts truly worthwhile.”


“As a new resident who attended the recent meeting with my wife, may I take this opportunity to express how impressed I am with your swift attention regarding the issue of litter which the photos you sent out illustrated.

The fact there are people in the local community who care and are willing to take action rather than procrastinate or rely on GCC is very reassuring, I applaud and wholeheartedly support your efforts. I have also started using the My Glasgow app recommended at the meeting to report the regular fly-tipping out onto the pavement which seems endless in east pollokshields.”

1. This is a project which was well overdue in this area, which sadly suffers from a considerable amount of fly tipping.

2.  It has had a considerable impact on the area both physically and on the minds of the people living here. It will be a long process, changing peoples attitudes, but is a very worthwhile endeavour.

3. This initiative is successful no question, but needs to continue on a regular basis. Then it will have a long lasting impact as people will begin to understand that fly tipping is anti social, a crime against their neighbours and the community, and is illegal and the perpetrators will be fined.  That last bit is important as if their actions cost them money they will soon stop!


“First of all I like to extend my thanks to provide me an opportunity for feedback for your cleaning project

I think that project was a unique project in Pollokshields

Several lanes were full of mud and neglected house hold items, a lot of disposed items were in backyard of several closes which was hidden place for insects and mice. Litter in front gardens and on footpaths

I am glad that you took an initiative, gather a lot of energetic people and started clean up from 2014

Results are amazing because of your group if you go back to those lanes and closes you will find them more cleaner due to your efforts and

less litter in street. Main thing is that you manage to gather committed people and they are doing a great job under your supervision

You are doing great job but I think we should make some more efforts to raise more awareness in community to dispose rubbish, unwanted items and litter thoughtfully so we may see even more cleaner Pollokshields in coming months”



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